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Friday, 22 September 2017

JioFi gets Rs 1000 Discount

JioFi gets Rs 1000 discount, is now the cheapest way to get 4G internet in India

A good 4G internet connection is not less than a luxury today and there are a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India who understand this need One of these ISPs is the Reliance Jio-company which arguably brought the 4G revolution in India

Not just the cheap data for smartphones, Jio has also stirred the dongle market by launching its JioFi hotspot device. The JioFi hotspot device is different from the other WiFi dongles in many areas, especially the portability, design and now there is one more reason why the device is in the other existing dongles from India- the price.

Mukesh Amabni-owned Reliance Jio has announced a new festive offer for its JioFi buyers. The company has reduced the price of its JioFi dongle from Rs 1,999 to Rs 999 under the offer, valid only till 30 September. Yes, a flat 50 percent discount.

As per a latest CMR finding, Jio covers 91 percent market share in the dongle and data card segment. Through JioFi, users can access the whole bouquet of Jio services including unlimited 4G data, HD voice calls and video calls, SMS as well as a host of Jio apps such as Jio Cinema, Jio TV etc. The device is available on all Reliance Digital stores, Jio outlets, Jio Partner retailers as well as online at

We have done a simple math to help you understand why JioFi is "currently" the cheapest 4G internet in India. Take a look.

Rs 999 for JioFi dongle

You need to pay Rs 999 for the dongle Airtel's 4G dongle costs Rs 1,500 while Vodafone's dongle originally costs Rs 3,499 and is now selling at Rs 1500. Tata Docomo has only 3G plans and the company has not released any 4G plans or dongle yet. However, its 3G dongles also start from Rs 1,399.

You need to pay Rs 99 for the prime subscription which will activate your Jio SIM

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So, Rs 99+ Rs 999 = Rs 1,098 is the amount you pay to own a JioFi device.

In case you already own a Jio SIM then you save on this Rs 99 which again brings back the price to Rs 999 only

JioFi plans start at Rs 149

Jio does not have any plans for JioFi The device can be bundled with the plans that are available for Jio SIM. The plans for JioFi therefore start at Rs 149 where the user gets 2GB 4G data for 12 months. This means in total you get 24GB data. Please note that once the data limit is exhausted, the internet will continue to work on This is the prepaid SIM

For a postpaid Jio SIM, the JioFi plans start at Rs 309. User gets 1GB data per day for 2 months. This means 60GB data in total.

The Airtel 4G dongle plans start at Rs 499 for postpaid and for prepaid customers, the 1GB plan for 27 days costs Rs 157. Vodafone plans for 28 days start from Rs 250.

JioFi voice calling benefits

Not just data benefits, JioFi also offers free voice calling benefits to the users. The SIM can be inserted into a 4G device and you can avail the voice calling benefit.

In fact, the phones that are not 4G VoLTE enabled can also download the Jio 4G Voice app and avail the benefit on a 2G / 3G handset.
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